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Sec S5pc210 Test Bd Driver

State law requires all Illinois drivers who are 18 years of age or older to have a photo drivers license or photo ID card. The photo card must have the following information printed on it in English and must be presented when applying for a new drivers license or photo ID: date of birth; city, state, and ZIP code of residence; and a statement of the name of the individual and the licensee, the true signature of the licensee, and the licensees photographs. A REAL ID drivers license does not contain any of this information.

Sec s5pc210 test bd driver

In order to comply with Illinois law, you must present a photo ID to obtain a driver license. All federal, state, and local agencies in Illinois must accept a REAL ID compliant drivers license or card (see REAL ID in Illinois for more information). The Department of State Police (DSP) has set out the requirements for REAL ID compliant driving licenses and ID cards. All REAL ID licenses and cards are computer-generated, non-biometric, and non-deceptive. Applicants who are purchasing a REAL ID compliant license or ID card should contact the DSP at 1-866-475-8475 or visit the DSP web site for additional information.

Real ID licenses and REAL ID compliant driver licenses and cards are available from the Illinois Secretary of State. You must present your REAL ID compliant license or card along with a valid government-issued photo ID (such as a passport, military ID, student ID, or state ID) when applying for a new or renewal drivers license at your local Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles branch. REAL ID requirements do not apply to out-of-state drivers.


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