Dorothy Lee: The Life and Films of the Wheeler and Woolsey Girl

Based on years of conversations between the authors and Dorothy Lee, this book is an informative biography filled with revealing insights on navigating the studio system during Hollywood's Golden Age and the ephemeral nature of fame.

William Powell: Vintage Movie Magazines Revisited

In this volume, the first twenty years of William Powell’s life and career are presented unfiltered in a collection of feature articles by contemporary scribes of the industry, along with the generously added illustrative material culled from our collection and the collections of several other dedicated movie enthusiasts.

POP Twenty

POP TWENTY #1 is the first in a series of books devoted to 20th Century popular culture, and it offers much more than nostalgia "once over lightly." Reported by top-flight writers who are experts at exploring our shared memories of classic movies, early TV, old time radio, and pop music, POP TWENTY #1 is also richly illustrated with over 140 rare, often never-before-published, photos that bring the stories to life.

Pop Twenty #2

The POP TWENTY adventure continues with installment #2, another in this new series of books devoted to 20th Century popular culture. Michael (Universal Studios Monsters: A Legacy of Horror) Mallory has written: "POP TWENTY is a true blast to the past, a real throwback to the 1960s and 1970s, when film journalism itself launched its own Golden Age.