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Buy Cheap Headboard [PORTABLE]

There is more to our collection of headboards than just that. Besides offering a wide palette of interior décor ideas through metallic, wooden and upholstered headboards, Sohomod also ensures that each and every headboard piece of its collection can extend and multiply the comfort of your bed. For instance, if your bedroom is also your makeshift lounge and the bed also serves as a couch then a headboard will add more value to this function.

buy cheap headboard

Curating a luxurious bedroom starts with your bed, after all. Since the bed is the centerpiece of the room, the headboard you choose sets the tone for the rest of the items around it, like your bedding, lamps, and nightstands. Luckily, there are thousands of headboards for every style and budget.

An upholstered headboard is a popular choice because it adds an extra element of coziness to your bed. If you like sitting up in bed to read or journal in the evenings, these are some of the best options for you:

One of the best headboard ideas is to simple buy some of the cheapest bed pillows you can find, put shams or pillow covers on them, and pile them at the top of the bed. Since many people do this even with a headboard, it will look great.

If you love the look of a traditional headboard and have some old kitchen cabinet doors, you can turn them into a headboard. Some of the best diy headboard ideas allow you to repurpose and up cycle something that would've gone in the scrapheap.

If you've got an old hollow core door, you can convert it into a wood headboard covered in fabric (or not!). This DIY queen daybed project is quite easy and the results are sturdy and attractive. The hollow core door headboard also works on a king sized bed as a regular headboard.

If you like the look of an upholstered headboard, you can get it with these removable and reusable peel and stick 3D decals. They stick out from the wall like tufted upholstery to give your room texture, and you can arrange them however you like.

Get your hands on an old headboard that's seen better days, and do this simple painting design to make it beautiful and unique. So great for converting a traditional wood headboard to a design that's perfect for a contemporary bedroom.

Great finds! I sure wish we had done more looking before my husband and I agreed to make a headboard for our daughter. Though we got the fabric for a steal, the wood, foam, batting, staples, multiple trips to the hardware or fabric store, etc, not to mention how much time we put into it, cost way more than a purchased headboard. Granted, our daughter got exactly what she wanted for her new apartment, but I am not sure it was worth it. Lesson learned in our house!

In this article, we will show you that with these cheap DIY wood headboard ideas you can add a whole new look to your bedroom. They all use wood to create a rustic, modern or classic look for your bed that looks great in your home. Many of these ideas also allow you to use cheap scrap woods and save money.

There are a variety of ideas for making a headboard that depends directly on its type and gender which includes five different idea categories: wooden headboard, metal headboard, fabric headboard, artistic headboard and freely designing.

You can use the pieces of wood used to make the doors of your home for the headboard of the bed, and by using similar cuts to create the perfect harmony between the wooden furniture of your room and the bed.

You can always use scrap wood and create amazing projects. This DIY wood headboard project uses reclaimed barn wood or new wood to create a headboard for any size of the bed, including twin, double, queen, and king.

Although the idea is cheap, it is not easy to make. The below link is a guide for you that includes the required tools list, cut list, general instructions, diagrams, color photos, and lots of useful tips and tricks.

This is a simple beginner woodworking project and you do not need that much budget. Another interesting idea is to use barn doors. Depending on the dimensions of the bed frame, select a single door or a pair. The old appearance and worn-look give the headboard a particularly charming look.

You can also use two or more doors to create a headboard. In that case, as you can see in the picture below, doors are placed vertically to create a high headboard which covers a large portion of the wall. 041b061a72


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