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Learn to Play Caruso by Lucio Dalla on Piano with This PDF Sheet Music

How to Play Lucio Dalla's Caruso on Piano: A PDF Guide

If you are a fan of Italian music and you want to learn how to play one of the most beautiful and famous songs ever written, you might be interested in this PDF guide. In this article, we will show you how to play Lucio Dalla's Caruso on piano, using the PDF sheet music that you can download for free.

Lucio Dalla Caruso Spartito Per Pianoforte.pdf --


Who was Lucio Dalla and what is Caruso?

Lucio Dalla was an Italian singer-songwriter, musician and actor, who was born in Bologna in 1943 and died in Montreux in 2012. He is considered one of the most influential and popular artists in the history of Italian music, with a career that spanned over 50 years and more than 20 albums.

Caruso is one of his most famous and beloved songs, which he wrote and composed in 1986. The song is dedicated to the legendary Italian opera singer Enrico Caruso, who died in 1921. The lyrics tell the story of Caruso's last days in Sorrento, where he fell in love with a young girl and sang for her on his deathbed.

The song has been covered by many artists, such as Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban, Lara Fabian and Il Divo. It has also been translated into several languages, such as English, Spanish, French and German.

How to download the PDF sheet music for Caruso?

If you want to play Caruso on piano, you will need the sheet music for it. You can find many versions of the sheet music online, but we recommend you to use the one that we have selected for you. It is a PDF file that you can download for free from this link:

Lucio Dalla - Caruso - spartito per pianoforte.pdf

This PDF file contains the sheet music for piano and voice, with the lyrics in Italian. It has 10 pages and it is arranged by Alexandr Fedyay. You can print it or view it on your device.

How to play Caruso on piano?

Once you have downloaded the PDF sheet music for Caruso, you can start playing it on piano. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you:

  • The song is in D minor key and it has a tempo of 60 beats per minute.

  • The song has four main sections: intro, verse, chorus and outro.

  • The intro consists of four bars of piano solo, with a simple melody and chords.

  • The verse has eight bars of piano accompaniment, with arpeggios and chords. The voice sings the lyrics that describe Caruso's life and feelings.

  • The chorus has eight bars of piano accompaniment, with a more expressive melody and chords. The voice sings the refrain that repeats the name of Caruso and his love.

  • The outro has four bars of piano solo, with a variation of the intro melody and chords.

What is the musical style of Caruso?

Caruso is a song that combines elements of different musical genres, such as pop, classical and folk. The song has a simple and elegant structure, with a melody that follows the natural rhythm of the Italian language. The song also has a rich and varied harmony, with chords that create contrast and tension.

The song is influenced by the style of Enrico Caruso, the famous opera singer who inspired Lucio Dalla. The song uses some techniques and expressions that are typical of opera singing, such as vibrato, portamento and crescendo. The song also pays homage to some of the operas that Caruso performed, such as La Bohème, Tosca and Pagliacci.

What is the cultural impact of Caruso?

Caruso is a song that has had a huge cultural impact, both in Italy and abroad. The song has been recognized as one of the best songs of all time, and one of the symbols of Italian music. The song has also been praised for its poetic and emotional lyrics, that touch on universal themes such as love, death and art.

The song has been used in many occasions and contexts, such as movies, TV shows, commercials and sports events. The song has also been performed by many artists and celebrities, who have given their own interpretation and tribute to Lucio Dalla and Enrico Caruso. The song has also been sung by ordinary people, who have found in it a source of inspiration and comfort.


In this article, we have shown you how to play Lucio Dalla's Caruso on piano, using the PDF sheet music that you can download for free. We have also given you some information about the author, the song and its musical style and cultural impact. We hope that you have enjoyed this article and that you have learned something new.

Caruso is a song that can touch your heart and soul, with its beautiful melody and lyrics. It is a song that celebrates the life and art of Enrico Caruso, one of the greatest opera singers of all time. It is also a song that expresses the feelings and emotions of Lucio Dalla, one of the most talented and beloved Italian artists of all time.

If you want to play Caruso on piano, you can use the PDF sheet music that we have provided for you. You can also listen to the original version by Lucio Dalla, or to one of the many covers by other artists. You can also sing along with the song, or just enjoy its beauty and magic. b99f773239


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