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Spiritual Leadership Oswald Sanders.pdf

In Spiritual Leadership, J. Oswald Sanders, a Christian leader for decades and the author of more than forty books, presents the key principles of leadership in both the temporal and spiritual realms. He illustrates those principles throughout with examples from godly figures like Moses, Nehemiah, the apostle Paul, David Livingstone, Charles Spurgeon, and others. With more than 1 million copies sold, this proven classic will help you to frame your leadership as spiritual service.

Spiritual Leadership Oswald Sanders.pdf

The principles of leadership in both the temporal and spiritual realms are presented and illustrated in these pages from both Scripture and the lives of eminent men and women of God. Not every reader will have access to many of the biographies from which these illustrations are drawn, and this has encouraged the author to include pertinent incidents from the lives of persons whose leadership has been more than unusually successful. Whenever possible, sources are indicated. In the case of Scripture references, that translation has been used that appeared to the author to be most accurate and expressive.

We ought never to forget that the same situation faces Christians today in certain parts of the world. Leaders of the church in China suffered most at the hands of Communists. The leader of the Little Flock in Nepal suffered years in prison after church members had been released. In many troubled areas today, spiritual leadership is no task for those who seek stable benefits and upscale working conditions. It remains true that any form of spiritual warfare will inevitably single out leaders who by their role present obvious targets.

To be a leader in the church has always required strength and faith beyond the merely average. Why is our need for leaders so great, and candidates for leadership so few? Every generation faces the stringent demands of spiritual leadership, and most unfortunately turn away. But God welcomes the few who come forward to serve.

Many people regard leaders as naturally gifted with intellect, personal forcefulness, and enthusiasm. Such qualities certainly enhance leadership potential, but they do not define the spiritual leader. True leaders must be willing to suffer for the sake of objectives great enough to demand their wholehearted obedience.

Effective spiritual leadership does not come as a result of theological training or seminary degree, as important as education is. Jesus told His disciples, You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you (John 15:16). The sovereign selection of God gives great confidence to Christian workers. We can truly say, I am here neither by selection of an individual nor election of a group but by the almighty appointment of God.

Spiritual leadership requires superior spiritual power, which can never be generated by the self. There is no such thing as a self-made spiritual leader. A true leader influences others spiritually only because the Spirit works in and through him to a greater degree than in those he leads.

If deacons are required to be full of the Spirit, should those who preach and teach the Word of God be any less? Spiritual goals can be achieved only by spiritual people who use spiritual methods. How our churches and mission agencies would change if leaders were Spirit-filled! The secular mind and heart, however gifted and personally charming, has no place in the leadership of the church. 350c69d7ab


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