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For Symmachus his Relation (which this frantike Zelote falsly calle [...]h his Answere, because hee would not bee brought to cōfesse, that euen the chiefest men in authoritie and office were faine to beg for their Religion) the matter must bee a [Page 68] little more fully thought on, inasmuch as he makes it against strengthening of his cause, to prooue that the Senate and Senators of Rome (for so hee writes) could not any of them bee euer brought to imbrace the faith of Christ. The case was this. Symmachus was sent Ambassadour by the Heathens to Ualentinian, to get them their Altar of Uictory restored, &c. but could not obtaine it. Therefore the Emperour was a Christian at least. But who were they that desired this? Absit (saith Idem lib. 1. cont. Relation [...]m Symmachi. S. Ambrose, in his first booke against the Relation of Symmachus) ut hoc Senatus petijsse dicatur; pauci Gentiles communi utuntur nomine. Nam & ante biennium ferme, c [...]m hoc petere tentarent, misit ad me S. Damasus Romanae Ecclesiae Sacerdos, iudicio Dei electus, Libellum, quem Christiani Senatores dederunt, & quidem innumeri, expostulantes nihil se tale mandâsse, non congruere Gentilium huiusmodi petitionibus vos praebere consensum. Questi etiam publicè, priuatim [...] se non conuentur [...]s ad Curiam, si tale aliquid d [...]rn [...]r [...]tur. Dignum est temporibu [...] [Page 69] vestris, hoc est, Christianis temporibus, ut dignitas Christianis Senatoribus abrogetur, quò Gentilibus Senatoribus prophanae deferatur voluntatis effectus? Hunc libellum ego fratri Clementiae vestrae direxi. Vnde c [...]nstitit non Senatum aliquid de superstitionis impensis mandasse Legatis, &c. God defend that the Senate should be said to haue desir [...]d it; a few heathen men usurp [...] the name of all the rest. For well nigh two yeeres since, when they attempted it, S. Damasus, the Bishop of Rome, elect of God, sent mee a booke, that the Christian Senators, a very great number of them, had giuen vp [...] expostulating the matter, how that they had giuen no such thing in charge, and that it was not meete You should giue way to any such p [...]tition of the Heathen. And further they complain'd both in publike and priuate, that they would not come at the Senate-hous [...], if any such thing were granted, or decreed. Is it fit for Your times, that is, for Christian times, to haue the Christian Senators put by their honour, that the profane Heathen Senators may haue their will? This Booke I directed to [Page 70] Your Brother, by which it appeareth that the Senate gaue no order to those Ambassadours for the vpholding of Superstitious Paganism [...]. Let the Reader now iudge, whome wee should beleeue of the two, this most holy Prelate, that was an eyewitnesse of those things in his owne time; or this impudent knaue, that hath no knowledge at all in Ecclesiasticall Antiquitie.

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