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Henry Williams
Henry Williams

Vintage.Hero.v1.0-OUTLAWS Demo

The following examples use MovR, a fictional vehicle-sharing application, to demonstrate CockroachDB SQL statements. For more information about the MovR example application and dataset, see MovR: A Global Vehicle-sharing App.

Vintage.Hero.v1.0-OUTLAWS Demo

Alliance was re-released as a part of the collection X-Wing Trilogy along with the other parts of the trilogy and a demo of X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter. That version had no re-enhancements or differences to the original release.

It was originally planned that players would be able to work cooperatively and man the turrets of freighter-type ships in multiplayer. This was advertised and demonstrated in an early preview video. However, the limitations of Internet and LAN performance at the time, as well as the game's own netcode, resulted in this feature being dropped in final production, although user-created modifications later re-enabled this feature.


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