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Diva (Dinosaur Impersonating Virtual Analogue) is a synthesizer plugin that features accurate digital replicas of legendary analog synthesizer circuits. The oscillators, envelopes and filters of the Minimoog, Juno-60, Jupiter-8 and MS20 have been recreated with great attention to detail for a vintage feel in almost any DAW. The excellent combinability of the individual synthesizer modules is especially noteworthy. For example, hybrids of Moog oscillators and Oberheim filters can be created, offering unimagined possibilities to those familiar with their analog counterparts. Diva manages to deliver the "real", warm sound of some of the most famous analog synthesizers without expensive outboard equipment and still remains highly latency-free, assuming a reasonably fast CPU.

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If you are looking for a flexible, and at the same time, inexpensive reverb plugin, there is no way around the Valhalla VintageVerb. Under its easy-to-read and intuitive user interface, the plugin contains incredible 18 reverb algorithms, many of them closely modeled on the digital outboard devices from EMT and Lexicon. The reverb can be adjusted quickly and suitably in all relevant parameters to the user's wishes. Whether you want to add some depth to the signal or create huge reverb tails, the plugin always manages to deliver a clear, characteristic sound. Valhalla VintageVerb is a reverb plugin that brings the much-desired vintage sounds of the '70s and '80s into your studio in a detailed and authentic way without having to invest vast amounts of money in hardware equipment.

Blue Monday cover on Ableton Live 9 Buy the Ableton Project (.als)Pack. All sounds programmed with Ableton Instruments, no external vst.Buy the Project Here -sounds-samples-and-patches-ableton-emulator-samples/The file contains Ableton Project .als + E-mu samples for strings and choirs

I started the music with sequencer in 1989 with Notator SL in Atari 1040 STE and is very stable and is the best for editing in MIDI, after I work in PC with Logic Platinum but is block so many times, after when Apple buy Emagic I used Logic Pro X with Apple and the problem with Logic Pro X with Mac Pro (cylindre, 2013 version) is not really stable, when is used with Kontakt, the CPU is quickly in the maximum for nothing and the computer block always, Apple technicians trying to fix it with me by phone but never the problems gone.I started work also with Protools version 8 HD3 in 2006, is the most stable DAW for mixing and editing, the problem with AVID is the upgrades because they are very expensive, when we buy Protools HD3 in 2006 the price is like 14 000 UDS, and the Digidesign sync I/O, Command 8 are not compatible with the new Protools HDX and you need buy new Mac or PC.For used Kontakt 6 I try Studio One 4, Ableton Live, Cubase Pro 10, Logic Pro X, FL Studio, Bitwig Studio, Propellerhead Reason, Cockos Reaper, MOTU Digital Performer, Mixcraft Pro Studio, mixbus 32 C-5, N.I. Machine 2.The best, easiest to used quickly, the most logic for audio, MIDI, editing and for used Kontakt 6 is mixbus 32 C-5, in second position is Machine 2, the position 3 is Logic Pro X.Is really cheaper the price of this Mixbus 32 C-5 and the workflow is really the best, actually is the top DAW.

congratulations for the article but in part there is a variety of misinformation about the daw because to be updated the article are talking about ableton and fl without highlighting the latest versions as ableton10 and fl 20, missing sequioa and pyramix that is used in studies mastering at a higher level, to say that some daw are emphasized in a genre is unprofessional since they are all compatible MIDI, should be based more on sources such as the prizes (IDMA) of the winter conference to have more accurate data where in that case Fl 12 is the best daw of this year without mentioning the 20

Wondering, though, in that Ableton really shines for live recording, would it be a good DAW for taking, say, an exported MIDI file from an orchestral or jazz band piece made in Musescore notation software (open source, free, but made for notation out put, not so much good audio) and running it in Ableton to get better (VST or other font) sound?

Wow, all i see is reason growing up and getting better by the minute while abmeton falls logic pro is crash heavy and buggy like apple these days all around and pro tools is for live instruments recording only school trained in all departments propellerhead has the edge now besides the EQ and lack of plug in capabilities we are hoping for a more powerful Ui in the next while. Propellorhead started as the worst and have managed to climb up every year. Lot of great daws here but id seriously put Reason on top just for the stock and where its going. Pro tools standard is sinking apple products are weakening by the minute i do love FL studios however and ableton all sounds the same I can totally spot the sound comes from that software!

Out of the keyboards you listed, I personally think the FP-10 is my favourite. Its hard to beat the PHA-4 Standard key action, and with the new FP-10X update releasing at time of writing, you might be able to get some older models for cheap too. 041b061a72


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