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Radimpex Tower 7 Crack 52

Radimpex Tower 7 52: A Professional Structural Analysis Software

Radimpex Tower is a software for static and dynamic analysis and design of all types of concrete, steel and timber structures. It is developed by Radimpex Software, a company based in Belgrade, Serbia, that specializes in software solutions for civil engineering and architecture. Tower 7 is the previous version of Tower, which is currently at version 8. Tower 7 52 is the latest build of Tower 7, released on July 6, 2020.

Features of Tower 7 52

Tower 7 52 has many features that make it a powerful and versatile tool for structural engineers. Some of the main features are:


  • A graphical editor that enables easy creation of the most complex 3D structures, with various options for input, editing and manipulation of structural elements.

  • A fully automatic finite elements mesh generator that produces high-quality meshes for accurate analysis results.

  • Fast and high capacity numerical solvers that can handle large and complex models with thousands of elements and nodes.

  • A comprehensive library of materials, cross-sections, load cases, load combinations, design codes and standards for different countries and regions.

  • Various types of analysis, such as static, seismic, modal, dynamic, movable loads, time-history, etc.

  • Fast, efficient and accurate concrete, steel and timber design, with automatic generation of reinforcement details, steel connections, timber joints, etc.

  • An automated report generator that produces detailed and customizable reports with tables, graphs, diagrams and images. The reports can be updated automatically when the model changes.

  • An option to export and import models in IFC format (Industry Foundation Classes), which enables interoperability with other software applications such as ArchiCAD, Allplan, SCIA, etc.

How to Download Tower 7 52

Tower 7 52 can be downloaded from the [Download section] of the Radimpex Software website. However, a HASP key is required for the program to work. The HASP key is a hardware device that provides protection against unauthorized use of the software. The HASP key can be purchased from Radimpex Software or its authorized distributors. The price of the HASP key depends on the configuration of the software (Professional, Expert or Lite) and the number of licenses (single or network). The configuration determines the available features and modules of the software. The license determines the number of computers that can run the software simultaneously.


Tower 7 52 is a professional structural analysis software that offers a wide range of features and capabilities for designing concrete, steel and timber structures. It is suitable for engineers who work on projects of different sizes and complexities. It is also compatible with other software applications through the IFC format. Tower 7 52 is the latest build of Tower 7, which is the previous version of Tower. The current version of Tower is Tower 8, which has more features and improvements than Tower 7. Users who want to upgrade from Tower 7 to Tower 8 can contact Radimpex Software for more information.


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