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At serial number 356950 the engine exhaust valves were to changed to the free rotating type and the valve lifters were changed to the adjustable type. At serial number 403489 a dust shield was added to the inside of the distributor to help extend the life of the contact points. At serial 429792 the tractor hydraulic pump base was changed from aluminum to cast iron. The engine block cylinder bores were enlarged and the sleeves were changed at serial number 433578 to a cast iron material with a .090" wall thickness (piston size remained the same). The "8N-B" casting mark on the left rear of the block was then changed to "8N-C" and the star on each end of the serial number was changed to a diamond. Because Ford stopped supplying the steel sleeves, many older engines were rebored at overhaul time to use the new cast iron sleeves. The engine oil pan casting was beefed up to give it extra support to resist cracking from the strain of front loaders.

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