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Ls Magazine Ls Model Lsm 25

The MT5 Series is available in an ergonomically designed 73 horsepower cab model. The MT573 features premium features such as premium seat, flat operator platform, and many other features ensuring operator comfort. Additionally, the overall capacity of this tractor provides unsurpassed efficiency.

ls magazine ls model lsm 25

The LS shared the Ford DEW98 platform with the Jaguar S-Type and the Ford Thunderbird. Trim levels ranged from the base V6 model to the Special Edition V8 LSE trims in 2004, with revised front and rear fascia, taillights and foglights, and front grille.

LS models were manufactured at Ford's Wixom Assembly Plant until production ended on April 3, 2006 and the plant was idled as part of Ford's The Way Forward. Approximately 262,900 were manufactured, including 2,331 with manual transmissions and 1,500 LSE editions.[2]

Leather seating surfaces were standard, the steering wheel could be wood- and leather-wrapped, and the interior featured wood accents. Standard features included power windows, power door locks with keyless entry, power heated mirrors, automatic headlights, air conditioning with automatic climate control, cruise control, and an AM/FM cassette radio. Available options included a six-disc in-dash CD changer (only accessible through the glove box initially; changed on later models), power moonroof, and a universal garage door opener.

The base LS was powered by an all-aluminum 3.0 L DOHC V6 that was a variant of the Jaguar AJ-V6 engine. Optional in the LS was an all-aluminum 3.9 L DOHC V8, a shorter-stroke variant of the Jaguar 4.0 L AJ-26 V8. Both engines required premium-grade gasoline. Ford's 5R55S five-speed automatic transmission with an optional manual shift ability called SelectShift was standard with either engine, while a Getrag 221 five-speed manual transmission was available for V6-equipped LS models through an optional sport package. Automatic transmission-equipped cars featured a 3.58:1 rear-axle ratio, while manual transmission-equipped versions came with a 3.07:1 rear-axle ratio. Lincoln stopped production of the manual-transmission model LS after 2,331 were manufactured. Road tests by Motor Trend and Car and Driver found that a V8-equipped LS could accelerate from zero to 60 mph (97 km/h) in the low seven-second range, while V6 models were up to two seconds slower in the same test.

The powertrain control module in 2000-2002 automatic transmission models with the SelectShift option was originally programmed to prevent launching in first gear; i.e., the car would default to a second gear launch.[citation needed] A first gear launch was available by depressing the throttle more than 60%.[citation needed] Second-gear launches were programmed to meet EPA fuel economy regulations . For the model year 2003, first-gear launches were programmed into the transmission, reflecting revised fuel economy regulations.[citation needed]

The LS received a refresh for 2003, coinciding with Lincoln's then-new "Travel Well" ad campaign. The exterior received HID headlamps (optional) and a revised trunklid with revised taillights. Both available engines received a boost in power and torque, as well as slightly improved fuel efficiency. The 3.0 L DOHC V6 with which the LS was introduced now featured continuously variable intake cam timing, improved variable-length intake runners, and electronic "drive-by-wire" throttle control (which replaced the traditional mechanical cable-linked throttle control system used previously). The optional 3.9 L DOHC V8 with which the LS was also introduced received variable exhaust-valve timing.[5] Due to its upgraded design, the 3.9 L V8 now produced over 87% of its peak torque output at only 2000 rpm and cars equipped with the V8 could now accelerate from zero to 60 mph (97 km/h) in around 6.5 seconds.[6] Other notable additions to the LS included an electronic push-button parking brake (similar to that of the BMW E65 7 Series), replacing the traditional center console-mounted hand lever (or foot pedal), a touchscreen DVD satellite navigation map system, and an industry-first, 10-speaker THX-certified sound system. LSE versions were also available in the 2004 and 2005 model years, with unique fascia, unique 17-inch wheels, all-red tail lights, a color-keyed grille, unique floormats, and additional wood paneling in the interior.[7]

Earlier LS models had a mechanical engine cooling fan that was operated with a hydraulic pump because the electrical charging system did not have sufficient capacity to effectively power an electric fan. A later revised alternator enabled the implementation of an electric fan for the 2003-2006 models.

For 2006, the LS received exterior revision similar to LSE fascia trim from previous model years. The V6-powered model was dropped from the lineup. The base MSRP increased from $32,370 in 2004 to $39,285.

Lincoln originally intended to designate LS models as "LS6" and "LS8", depending on the engine size option. Toyota threatened a trademark infringement lawsuit, due to the similar naming scheme used on the Lexus LS, while at the same time, Ford threatened a lawsuit regarding the Toyota T150 concept, arguing that the name was too close to that of the F150. Lincoln settled on designating the cars as "LS V6" and "LS V8" and Toyota changed the name of their pickup truck to the Tundra.

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It seems many buyers opt for the higher specification of the three MU-X grades, and this is where the longest waiting times are. But do you really need the top model? Is it worth saving a few dollars by choosing the base model just to get your MU-X sooner?

There is a rear differential lock on all 4x4 MU-X models, but engaging it disables the ETC completely, resulting in the front wheels becoming almost redundant and unable to help with forward momentum. This system seems a generation or two old and holds the MU-X back from being as good as it could be when off-road. Hopefully, our plans for some more suitable tyres and aftermarket locking differential for the front axle will fix this.


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