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The Secret Sex Life Of A Single MomMovie |

Jess (Gail O'Grady) a female paralegal and studying to become a lawyer, is a single and overly concerned mother of a 15-year-old girl, Sara (Danielle Panabaker). She becomes even more overprotective and overbearing when Sara tells her that she is thinking about having sex with her boyfriend Chad. One day during court, Jess meets Alex Lofton (Grant Show) a heart surgeon from Atlanta Georgia, who is currently separated from his wife and has two children. During a dinner meeting the two begin to talk to each other, and soon begin a passionate affair, with Jess keeping it a secret from Sara. A week before Thanksgiving Jess and Alex meet at a hotel in Chicago and have sex, after which Alex admits that he has fallen in love with Jess, but has decided to go back to Atlanta where his children are, which breaks Jess' heart. During Thanksgiving, Jess begins to feel sick and secretly buys a pregnancy test from the pharmacy. The test reveals that she got pregnant from her final encounter with Alex, which she tries to hide from Sara by throwing the test in the garbage, but the Sara later finds it and Jess confesses. A few days later, Jess catches Sara during a sexual encounter with Chad in her bedroom. She kicks Chad out and tries to ground Sara, but Sara decides to leave and go live with her father and stepmom since her mom was being a hypocrite. A couple of nights later, Sara goes to a party with her friend Tyler, and catches Chad having sex with Tyler's girlfriend Leeza. Sara leaves the party, returns home to Jess, and they reconcile. A few months later, Jess goes into labor, and gives birth to a baby boy she decides to name Jake, after her father, who died some time ago. Sara promises to help her take care of Jake.

The Secret Sex Life of a Single MomMovie |

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