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To address these limitations, we present a method for crafting dynamicresponses to on-line network requests using sample transcripts fromobserved network interaction. In particular, we provide a flexibletechnique based on natural language processing and string alignmenttechniques for intelligently interacting with protocols traineddirectly from raw traffic. Though our approach isapplication-agnostic, we demonstrate its utility with a systemdesigned to monitor and capture automated network attacks againstvulnerable web applications, without relying on static vulnerabilitysignatures. Specifically, our approach (disguised as a typical webserver) elicits interaction with search engines and, in turn, searchworms in the hope of capturing their illicit payload. As we showlater, our dynamic content generation technique is fairly robust andeasy to deploy. Over a 72-day period we were attacked repeatedly, andwitnessed more than 368,000 attacks originating from 28,856 distinctIP addresses.

Da Hood Script Hack | Fly, Auto Farm More


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